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fall fantasy 34

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Gel polish formula 100% gel extra pigmentato color arancio girasole. Formato da 12 ml

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Fall Fantasy 34: un arancio girasole, una tonalità dolce, vivace e accattivante.


PIGMENTIX ® is a rich, intense and extremely pigmented gel polish composed of a 100% gel formula , these characteristics guarantee a homogeneous and covering application with a single application, ensuring an intense and long-lasting color for up to 4 weeks. Its thin, creamy and self-leveling texture leaves no streaks and instantly uniforms the surface of the nail, furthermore its exclusive formula is enriched by a pleasant perfumed fragrance. The perfectly finished brush, composed of compact bristles and a flat shape, is designed to allow controlled color release and smooth application, guaranteeing a professional result and simple and precise application even in the most difficult points.

Curing times: 90 LED / 120 UV. If necessary, repeat the application with a second draft.

12ml format

For professional use


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